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• Began in the industry: 1983
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Services Offered:

  • Wallpaper Installation
  • Wallpaper Hanging
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Paint Finishing
  • Custom Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Faux Finishes
Finding a Richardson Painter

If you own your own home you probably enjoy doing some of the maintenance yourself, but if you don’t like heights or climbing ladders, painting can be a little intimidating. This could be one place where having a qualified painter do the job is a better idea than trying to tackle the project yourself. A Richardson painter can safely and quickly complete the job for you.

The reason you want to paint your home is to keep it in good repair and maintain appearances, but if the paint job is bad or the materials used are inferior, you won’t be happy with the end results. Anyone can paint but to do the job right takes a certain degree of talent so you don’t want to hire anyone that claims to be a painter until you check them out first. No matter what the size of the project is, you need to feel assured that you’re hiring the best painter for your specific job.

How to Locate a Richardson Painter

Once you know you need to hire a qualified Richardson painter to do the work there are a lot of ways to begin looking. Home improvement centers and paint stores are a good place to check. Painters and other contractors will often post their business cards on the bulletin boards provided by these stores. Search the internet for a listing of Richardson painters local to your area. These listings can often involve time and money that usually only a professional will bother with.

Check with people you know to see if they have any past experience with a painter. If someone has used the services of a painter, they’ll probably be willing to show you as well as let you know if they are satisfied with the work or not. If you examine the work and like it, ask for contact information for the Richardson painter.

Talking with the Richardson Painter

Don’t hire a Richardson painter simply because he offers you a cheap deal. Take some time to talk with each painter about what you want done and don’t hire anyone before you get an estimate. Select a few painters to do an onsite inspection of your home. Take this time to discuss their experience within the trade. Ask if they have ever done any work with other contractors or homebuilding companies. The fact that someone is being hired by other trade professionals is always a good sign of quality work.

Each Richardson painter should provide proof of their state contractor’s license along with up to date insurance policy. It’s important for a Richardson painter to have liability insurance in place to protect you and your home from damage. If they have employees that work with them you need to make sure they also have workers compensation insurance. Should a worker be injured while on your property you could be held liable for medical expenses if there is no workers compensation in place. Any painter you consider hiring should be bonded. If he abandons your project for some reason you will be protected and can see that the job is finished.

Follow up on any references provided by the Richardson painter but don’t rely on them as your only basis for hiring someone. Having references is always a good idea but remember that are any discontented customers out there, they won’t be on the list. The Better Business Bureau is a better choice when it comes to checking out any contractor. They can tell you if there are any complaints on file and if they were satisfactorily settled. A complaint or two is not unusual but finding out how they were taken care of is very important.

Once you have your short list of painters, you’re ready to ask for some bids. Every Richardson painter approaches the job differently, from the products he uses to the final cleanup process. This can make comparing bids confusing. Even exterior prep work can vary, with one painter preferring to do a quick pressure wash while another one may choose to scrape and sand. These methods vary in the time and effort involved and it will reflect in the bids you receive. Provide each Richardson painter with a detailed list of what you want included in your particular project. By setting some guidelines you should get back some uniform bids that will be much easier to compare.

The Richardson Painter Contract

Once you have the Richardson painter you want for your project, you need to put together a contract. Your contract with the painter should outline the project, the steps involved, the type of paint to be used and the cost of all materials and labor. The contract should also include the painter’s address, phone number and cell phone as well has his state contractors license and insurance policies copies. Make certain that a time frame for completion of your project is included.

Check with the painter to see if he provides a guarantee if there should be any chipping, peeling or fading within a year or two. Ask to get it in writing to ensure that any such repairs will not be at your expense. The makers of the paint may provide a warranty but that’s not going to cover the cost of labor to have the paint job done over.

You need to hire a painter you feel you can trust. He’ll most likely be doing much of the work when you’re not there and it will be impossible to know exactly how thorough he is. When that final coat of paint is on you won’t be able to tell if the surface was primed or if there were two coats of paint or only one. It’s just as important to hire a reliable Richardson painter as any other contractor and you need to find the one best suited for your project.


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